The Nightingale Bird Whistle is the English translation for the patented French "Sifflet Rossignol®" who improved the original bird whistles in 1986 by replacing the thin paper portion and membrane with less fragile materials. The advantage of these French bird whistles is that they do not deteriorate from normal use, making them the most reliable on the market.

Magicians, comedians, etc...have used them for years since you can make noises and no one is sure just where the sound is coming from.

Please Note : The nightingale whistles are great instruments and can give lots of fun,
but due to their small size, they are not suitable for very small children (under 8 years), so please pay attention with them!

The sifflets-rossignol Bird whistles are simple to use and very little practice is needed
•    Use it at parades, parties & football games!
•    Teach your birds to sing
•    Make your toddler laugh
•    as an original gift
•    Hunting and attracting birds
•    Or just for fun!
This Bird Whistle can be used again without tearing or deteriorating after a few uses.
The Whistles are packed in a plastic zipper bag with illustrated instructions on how to use it.