Our bird whistles are the patented French
"Sifflet Rossignol®"


Sifflet-Rossignol® : Sing like a nightingale, talk like a bird.


The Bird Whistle is the smallest music instrument in the world. Once placed on the tip of the tongue all you have to do is say words like "shampoo" "chips" "shoes" "shop" to start talking like a bird. After some practice and with variations of your tongue and lips you will be able to imitate not only bird sounds but also animals, different Instruments and lots of other funny sounds and tunes.


You have probably already seen these bird whistles before in your childhood!


Hundreds of years ago the tribes in the Amazons developed them to communicate with each other while hunting. During the First World War, soldiers used them also to communicate in the trenches. In the later years, the bird whistles were used just for fun and also to teach birds to sing.


In our childhood we could only find bird whistles for sale in amusement parks and other festivity gatherings. Magicians, comedians, clowns etc.. have been using them for years since you can make noises that no one is sure just where the sound is coming from.

Today there are many different versions that carry different names; bird call, prairie whistle, vogelfluitje, swiss warbler, ventrilo, tongue whistle, vogel bird whistle, tweeter bird, etc..

The Nightingale Bird Whistle is the English translation for the patented French "Sifflet Rossignol®" who improved the original bird whistles in 1986 by replacing the paper portion and the membrane with less fragile materials.
The advantage of these French bird whistles is that they do not deteriorate from normal use, making them the most reliable on the market.

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