Our bird whistles are the patented French
"Sifflet Rossignol®"

The Bird Call Whistle (also known as Prairie Whistle, Swiss Warbler, Vogelfluitje) is often sought after, but rarely found.

Hundreds of years ago the tribes in the Amazons developed it to communicate with each other while hunting. Today it is mostly used for fun, imitating bird sounds and for teaching birds to sing. There are also artists who use it as a musical instrument on their performances.
Place the Bird Whistle at the tip of your tongue and press it against your pallet. After some practice you will be able to imitate bird sounds by blowing air thru it. With variations of your tongue and lips, you can imitate Birds, Animals, different Instruments and lots of other sounds and tunes.
It is simple to use and little practice is needed
•    Use it at parades, parties & football games!
•    teach your birds to sing
•    make your toddler laugh
•    as an original gift
•    hunting and attracting birds
•    or just for fun!
This Bird Whistle can be used again without tearing or deteriorating after a few uses.
The Whistles are packed in a plastic zipper bag. You get also an Instruction on how to use it.
You can find the instructions on how to use the Bird Whistle here
*Not for children under 8 years - adult supervision is recommended at all times*

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